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For Physicians

I appreciate you taking care of my very important right hand and bringing it back to full functioning -- hopefully soon. I admire your professionalism, expertise, and kindness. 

-Kira T. 

We are Occupational Therapists with advanced certification in hand/upper extremity rehabilitation. As such, we can be a valuable resource for your patients. Frequently, upper extremity problems encountered in your practice benefit from brief and early hand therapy intervention, with improved patient outcomes. We evaluate upper extremity dysfunction, including, but not limited to musculoskeletal, neurological, vascular, lymphatic, skin and connective tissue disorders. Furthermore, we take a unique, function-based approach, incorporating relevant psychosocial and ergonomic factors into our evaluation and treatment process.

For the Specialized Hand Surgeon

Our specialization as Certified Hand Therapists encompasses an in-depth knowledge of upper extremity anatomy and physiology. We employ evidenced-based techniques when rehabilitating upper extremity conditions, whether they be degenerative, congenital or postoperative. We work closely with referring hand surgeons to discuss current protocols and surgical techniques in order to ensure optimal orthopedic and functional outcomes. We are highly proficient in protective postoperative splinting and early mobilization protocols. We are always available for consultation and provide frequent and detailed documentation.

If you wish to refer a patient, please provide a prescription for Occupational Therapy/Hand Therapy, indicating “evaluation and treatment” as well as a referral, if required, by the patient’s managed care or insurance plan.

Feel free to contact us at any time for additional information.